• Paul Clay

And Why Hillcrest?

Here is a question for our members: Why are you a part of the church? How does your heart lead you to be here? And why Hillcrest?

Your answer may be a story of how you chose this church, or a list of what you enjoy most about Hillcrest, a poem from your heart, a thank you note, or a description of what we do that is important to you, or a reflection on your faith and how it is supported by this fellowship.

Remember that the idea is to share it here on this web-site, for all to see. So be sure that what you say is what you would like the world to know. But don't worry too much about writing style, and don't be too concerned about whether people will like it or not. Just say it.

Friends and visitors, we would delighted to hear from you also!

Please take some time to think about this question, and send your answer to me as an e-mail to Or hand me a written version on Sunday.

Thank you!

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