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Why Hillcrest? Members' replies.

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

This Thanksgiving, we asked our members, "Why Hillcrest?" Here are some of their replies:

I was raised at Hillcrest, first in the preschool and then in the Sunday School and youth groups. I tried out another church for a while, but when I went to college, God gave me a heart for the LGBT community and I found that I could not sit in a church every Sunday and listen to thinly veiled homophobia in the sermons. I have always praised God through music, and Hillcrest has given me the opportunity not only to participate in musical worship but to help lead it. The UCC has given me a firm foundation of faith, and as I go out into the world I will always seek the nearest UCC church.

-Jennifer Shedden.

My parents liked the church and when my father was sick with cancer, Pastor Lolita very available to see him in his time of need.

-Virginia Christmas

A beautiful place. Friendly. Great faith. Sunday service makes my week complete. My kids grew up here. My daughter was married here.

-a member.

Support, friends, and freedom to believe as you wish.

-Bev Ball

I’ve been a member of a Congregational Church since birth- Baptized, schooled, married in a Congregational church as were my parents. Hillcrest has fulfilled my needs and also reaches out beyond its walls to the community and the world. The Festival of Arts for 54 years has enriched all of our family’s lives. -Grace Nakamura

I like the people of Hillcrest Church. The church is an inclusive one. The Festival of Fine Arts is one of our outreaches that I find most inspiring. Sunday services give a spiritual lift. We have a pastor and staff plus dedicated officers all who much ____ us and the church.

-Yosh Nakamura

Hillcrest has a warm and welcoming feel, really a family feeling. Like a family, we don’t agree on all issues, but we do allow each other the space for our own beliefs and causes. It is a group that encourages tolerance and acceptance. No one has to proclaim allegiance to a strict set of beliefs; we all seek to follow the loving teaching of Christ as we understand it, loving and accepting those whose journeys may be different than ours. At least, that is our ideal. : )

-a member

I am thankful for the rich history Hillcrest has, and that I have enjoyed being a member for 50 years. Participating in worship has been helpful and informative for me as I like to participate and contribute to sharing God’s work and God’s joy.

-a member

Hillcrest Church is the site of many memorable and meaningful milestones in my life. It is where I was baptized, confirmed, and married. It’s the site where my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. The people who congregate and worship at Hillcrest have been warm-hearted and welcoming. It is a place where the love of God is the focus in loving people.

-June Summers

I have enjoyed making friends with many people here at Hillcrest over the years. I also really like the fact that although Hillcrest is small, they constantly have a service project going on for the benefit of the community.

-Karen Frey

At Hillcrest, we are open, accepting, and kind. I appreciate that we respect beliefs of others and of other religions. Being in the choir is good for my soul and gives me a bit of joy each week. -Ann Shedden

Hillcrest Church is my heart’s home. Here I find love, support, understanding, and friendship. Hillcrest is part of my family. I love Hillcrest Church. It accepts me where I am on my faith journey.

-Doris Lynch

This is an inclusive church. My dad was a Methodist, my mother a Lutheran, and they joined this church because it did not tell them a specific creed to which they had to believe other than to be a Christian – not a fundamentalist Christian necessarily but a follower of Christ as they understood him.

-a member

Present day Congregationalists are seekers. They do NOT say, “Be this specific way because we we have found the only way (the answer) and you are not one of us unless you believe this specific creed.” They say, “What do you think? Join us and seek your way—evolve along the journey.” Your understanding can change or not. You can grow in understanding and faith here.

-a member.

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