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What are you looking for?

Hillcrest Church is a faithful, caring, thoughtful, open minded, Christ-centered fellowship.   We accept the call to love God and love our neighbors. 


We look to scripture for guidance and inspiration, and read the Bible as more than merely "literal" facts and rules.  All are welcome at Hillcrest. 


Our worship is creative within a traditional form, with piano, a real pipe organ, guitar, and a joyful little choir.  We are here to celebrate, worship, and serve.  


We invite you for Worship at 10:30 Sundays and fellowship afterward.  We have choir practice at 9:00 on Sunday mornings. Zoom Fellowship meets twice each month on Sunday afternoons at 2:30; please send a note to Pastor Paul at if you would like to have the link.   


Hillcrest offers Preschool and School Age programs through our Hillcrest County Day School.  Call to find out about our other activities:  Tai-chi, Book Group by Zoom, Geopolitics by Zoom, Lunch and Dinner Groups, Outings, and more!

We are ready to welcome you as a participant and friend, and if you choose to join, as a member!  We hope to see you soon.





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