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  • Rev. Paul Clay

I'm happy to be Pastor of Hillcrest

You know those reviews of places that you can tell were written by someone who has an interest in the enterprise? This is one of those.

Here are a few thoughts about why I am happy to be here:

The people are friendly and genuine.

We trust in God, follow the way of Jesus Christ, and let the Spirit work within us in quiet ways.

We believe that there are better ways to read the Bible than as a book in which every statement is "literally" factual. It is more like poetry and parable; the most important insights do not fit easily into words, and God speaks to our hearts as we study and worship together.

Sincere faith is more important to us than fitting a mold. We encourage people to live according to what they genuinely believe, instead of what they think they are supposed to believe.

We are open to the best insights of modern science, and comfortable with many of the progressive values of modern culture.

We are happy to welcome anyone who is willing to welcome everyone.

What I like most about Hillcrest is what this church can become.

When I first arrived, I wondered: What do we offer?

What might people find at the crest of the hill? I climb the ridges to find peace. From there, I look beyond and find perspective. In the rising and the setting of the sun, I see promise. And I come back down to the valleys with a sense of purpose.

So this is what we offer: peace, perspective, promise, and purpose.

Rev. Paul Clay, Pastor

Hillcrest Church

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